Kim Hyun Woo (CEO)

EN Note

Major Updates

Hello, commanders! Greetings after 2 months since the last update.
In the meantime, we have conducted various tests with your reviews to identify and improve the problems of the existing game, and we needed time for an overall renewal as well as some improvements for various in-game elements.
We've made significant improvements to the parts that were disappointing while playing Corrupted, so please check it out!

Event renewal

As many reviewers pointed out, the previous event was a bit lacking.
In fact, it was so absurd and so unfunny! sorry!
<Analyzing existing event issues>
(It's full of text, and even the fatigue of having to choose between risks...)
Therefore, we decided to improve this part in the direction of complete renewal by spending a long time!
Increase the immersion of the event content by using illustrations (quality work will continue)
Improve visibility by changing the overall event flow and design
Properly structured event content and various texts to generate interest
Increased awareness of reward content using tooltips
Currently, there are a total of three events that can be met, and unlike before, there are various branching results for each choice, so you can enjoy enough fun even when repeating. (We plan to provide more types of events through future updates!)

Stage creation method Renewal

Existing stages were made in a straight line, so we tried to control game variables as much as possible, but this also limited the user's options. I thought it was enough to have a choice at the entrance event.
But it was a completely wrong choice. As we played with the choice removed, we realized that the rewards we expected were not visible and we only progressed through luck, resulting in a loss of interest in progress.
To solve this problem, we decided to provide a 'random stage card' that combines rewards and battle types every DAY.
This is a DAY transition. You can check the path you have already taken, and you can also check hints for hidden elements at the bottom. If the next destination is a fixed stage, information about that stage is also shown in advance.
This is the stage selection stage. Now, commanders can check the rewards and battle difficulty in advance, and can select the stage to enter according to the team's situation.

New Stage - Swarm Battle

Many people commented that it was regrettable that similar battles were repeated every time they played the game over and over again.
We are planning various battle modes to solve this, and with this continuous battle update, we are able to debut a new battle mode.
One continuous battle consists of 3 waves.
After one wave battle is over, you can reposition your team when preparing for the next wave.
Damage received in battle is cumulative, and HP of obstacles is also maintained.
At the end of each wave, all allies recover 20% of their max HP.
There is a new tile, 'Instant Recovery' tile, at each wave preparation stage, and allies above this tile are restored to 100%.
As it is a hard difficulty mode, a supply box reward is waiting for you when you clear it!

New Elite

Description: It is unclear what she was doing. Except for the fact that one arm is a cyborg, and that arm has mutated and become a formidable threat.
Rating: Elite
Type: Assault
Basic Attack: Cyborg Arm (Range: Melee)
Skill: Hijack

New Enemies

Description: Infected Special Forces member. Specializes in stacking damage with long-range rifle shots and toxic grenades.
Rating: Normal
Type: Shooter
Basic Attack: Rifle Shot (Range: 6)
Skill : Poisonous Spores
Description: The Hugger is an aggressive Corrupted that rushes in and hugs its opponents with great speed. The skill can subdue the target ally for a long time, and threatens allied raiders with a damage bonus proportional to the maximum HP.
Rating: Normal
Type: Assault
Basic Attack: Claw (Range: Melee)
Skill : Suppress
Description: The Robo-Arm is a Corrupted that used to be an industrial grabbing robot. It heals enemies using the sap that extends from its claws, but the healed foes soon undergo a chemical mutation that causes a large explosion.
Rating: Normal
Type: Support
Basic Attack: Pincer Bite (Range: Melee)
Skill : Incomplete Enhancement

Minor Updates

Morale System Changes
Later in the game, I noticed that the max morale didn't change even as the crew increased, making the difficulty even harder.
Therefore, we changed the morale value from integer type (existing) to % (changed) and changed it to always have the same risk even when adding characters.
Also, morale can now be restored through stage card 'Camp' and Survivor Backpack rewards.
Added battle random modifier
New elements have also been added to regular combat. It's '
', and when the count passes, additional enemies appear from all sides. Check out the game for details!
New tiles
<Area Fixed Tile>
<Instant Healing Tile>
Balance improvement
Overall, it seems that the increase in difficulty for each level is too big.
The enemy's level has now been deleted, and the enemy's stat increases gradually according to the daily stat increase formula.
[Miscellaneous fixes]
Weakened basic stats of allies and enemies
(Nerf) Decrease basic HP of Assault type allies (Rampage, A.J)
(Buff) Shooter type (purple, gunhead) range increase 4→6 buff
(Buff) less frequently used Fuse, Relief Max SP reduction
(Buff) Parasite Queen max SP reduction
(Rework) When hatching a parasite egg, damage increases in proportion to the remaining shield (3.5 to 0.5 times damage)
Convenience and UX improvements
Added stun animation for all characters
Changed the non-placeable tile grid display to be distinguished
Improved damage font visibility
Added optional features (play background sound, adjust mouse pointer size)
Add pause using spacebar during battle
Added automatic pause function when switching to another screen during battle
Responds to resolution changes (official windowed mode is not supported yet)
Added various tooltips